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Cactus Hotels

Cactus Hotels boost OTA rankings with Reputize.

  • 2015
  • Crete, Greece


Cactus Hotels (Cactus Royal Spa & Resort, Cactus Beach Hotel, Cactus Village Hotel) are the shining gems of the small and lively village of Stalis in Crete, Greece. Residing at the north coast of the island, they combine views to the sparkling blue cooling water of the Cretan Sea and the majestic mountains of the area. Cactus Hotels are the ideal resort for you to spend your holidays with your partner, family or friends. Offering a wide variety of accommodation types, Cactus Hotels have a right option for even the most demanding of travelers. Starting in June 2015 as a beta tester, currently, the platform helps the Cactus hotels in their daily room operations and to improve their HolidayCheck rankings. Over time the aggregate reputation ratings i.e. the Reputize Index, of all three hotels rose on average by 3% (Oct, 2015).

  • Products:

  • Results:
    - the Reputize Index of all three hotels, rose on average by 3% (Jun, 2015- Oct, 2015).
    - 450 reviews generated
    - 150 reviews pushed to HolidayCheck

  • Cactus Royal reputation seal:

    Cactus Royal Hotel

    The Corporate Reputize Index™ is an aggregate score measuring the reputation of all your properties at a given point of time. It is based on data aggregated from more than 100 online sources for each of your properties. more...

    Reputize Index™
    Cactus Royal Hotel
    93.9/ 100
    3695 reviews

  • Vasilis Krasanakis, General Manager:

    "...concerning the Reputize application we think that it a very good idea to use it on tablets. It is easy and faster for the clients to use and we are sure in this way that the clients will write their opinion about us. Also it proved to be a very good advertisement for clients that don't know about HolidayCheck! Of course we would recommend it further to other partners.."

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