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Lindos Princess Hotel

Lindos Princess Hotel

  • 2015
  • Rhodes, Greece


Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is the perfect all inclusive resort choice for summer holidays in Rhodes. Whatever the occasion may be to visit the all inclusive resort: romantic getaways, a wedding, family holiday or honeymoon - the staff makes sure to offer genuine Greek hospitality and a truly memorable stay.

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    - Reputize Index rose from 87% to 92% (based on 6000+ online reviews).
    - 200 reviews pushed to HolidayCheck for Jul-Sep, 2015.
    - 0.3 points increase in HolidayCheck rating.
    - 500+ internal surveys completed - click here! to see the last ones:

  • Lindos Princess Hotel reputation seal:

    Hotel Lindos Royal

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    Reputize Index™
    Hotel Lindos Royal
    78.8/ 100
    6166 reviews

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