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Playa Del Sol Apartments

Playa Del Sol Apartments engages guests on-site with Reputize Surveys

  • 2014-2015
  • Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain


Playa del Sol, a complex for adults only, is located in the centre of Playa del Ingles, approximately 15 minutes walk from the beautiful beach of Gran Canaria. Becoming one of the first beta testers of Reputize Surveys the hotel managed to collect more than 3000 reviews (about 300/per month) outperforming any other feedback channel. Over time their aggregate reputation rating, i.e. the Reputize Index, rose by 3% (Oct, 2015). Currently, the platform helps the hotel improve the guest experience, decision making and OTA rankings.

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  • Playa Del Sol Apartments reputation seal:

    Playa del Sol Hotel

    The Corporate Reputize Index™ is an aggregate score measuring the reputation of all your properties at a given point of time. It is based on data aggregated from more than 100 online sources for each of your properties. more...

    Reputize Index™
    Playa del Sol Hotel
    83.9/ 100
    3703 reviews

  • Noelia, Hotel Manager:

    "...Reputize it is a direct source to detect areas of improvement by each department. Moreover, we consider Reputize as a tool to create engagement. For instance, we introduced a display image question in the tablets survey. This question was displaying three different interior room design proposals in order to validate guests preferences over the different designs. As a result we re-docorated our rooms based on the survey results. We would definitely recomment Reputize."

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