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Surfing Colors Hotel

Surfing Colors Hotel boosts guest feedback and takes action on-site.

  • 2014-2015
  • Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain


Surfing Colors Hotel is committed to providing memorable trips to surfers visiting the beautiful Fuerteventura. Before introducing Reputize Surveys the management manually monitored TripAdvisor and to gain insight into guest experience. Becoming one of the first beta testers of Reputize Surveys the hotel managed to collect more than 3000 reviews (about 300/per month) outperforming any other feedback channel. Currently, the platform helps the hotel to improve the service, decision making and OTA rankings.

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    Surfing Colors Apartamentos

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    Reputize Index™
    Surfing Colors Apartamentos
    83.7/ 100
    4427 reviews

  • Miguel Farina, Director:

    "...In present, SurveyOnTablet is used almost every day to review opinions and feedback in detail in order to detect and avoid disappointing experiences before customers checked-out from the hotel. The main benefit for us is to receive real-time feedback and detect dissatisfied customers while the guests are still in the hotel. Getting access to this knowledge we can interact with them on-time personally and prevent them leaving with a bad memory of their experience with us."

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